Tuesday, November 6, 2007

i recieved my colloidal silver today

Today's blog is a testimony from someone in one of the forums which I moderate that has become a very dear friend of mine, Trapper. Upon seeing his post, I immediately asked him if I could have the honor of blogging it. Thank you for saying yes Trapper.



and some other very fine gifts from tony. thank you, very much.

now, i taught myself about silver early on in my health quest and have seen it do amazing things. i dont sell silver, so i can make even more bold statements than the good folks at utopia.

i have seen silver save the lives of cats and dogs. i know of a 14 yo boxer that should have died a long time ago and who was poisoned by the bad dogfood from china recently so that he stopped walking and he is friskier today than he has been in years. i have seen cats who were poisoned by teflon so bad that they gained terrible weight and hissed at everything in extreme anxiety and panic lose weight and become friendly after ingesting silver. my dad was given some little dogs one time and they all acted like they had parvo and got to the point they wouldnt eat. a couple of weeks after starting them on silver, they were eating and getting pregnant and having healthy puppies. i have also cured a case of mrsa on the leg of a friend of mine which the doctors had given up on.

i checked the website of utopia and found it congruent with all that i have learned about silver. the product they have is exactly what a person wants for any use, internal or external, in any orifice and for any infection, be it viral or bacterial, fungal or mold. if the silver can get to the effected area and/or if it remains wet as with external use, it will do its job.

thanks again for everything tony. i am going to use the colloidal gold over the next weeks and will have a report on that at some point. i have done a little colloidal gold from the mesosilver people a few years back. i am in much better shape now and will be able to tell more about it.

thanks for the soap, too. you must have heard of my two weeks without a bath! lol.

love to you all and good luck to utopia in fighting the despots our government has become.

the one and only


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Monday, November 5, 2007

Seeds of Youth

Pomegranates have always been intimidating, haven’t they? They're beautiful but dangerous, squirting their permanent red juice everywhere when you try to wrestle the seeds out. But this holiday season, some local markets have gotten smart and hung a how-to sign next to baskets of the knobby red fruit.

The secret, it turns out, is to break apart pomegranates underwater. Here’s the trick: Score the leathery rind, and then submerge the fruit in a bowl of water while you break apart the segments and tease the seeds free from the white pith. The pith floats, so it's easy to skim off. Pour the rest through a colander and in minutes you'll have hundreds of seeds and no stains!

Pomegranate seeds are worth the trouble because they're an antiaging, skin-protecting, cancer-fighting powerhouse -- a true RealAge food. Each bittersweet seed is packed with anthocyanins, vitamin C, lycopene, and resveratrol. Research in humans has shown that the juice reduces several risk factors for heart disease and inhibits tumor growth. But the star of the show, beauty-wise, is ellagic acid.

"Ellagic acid increases the body's built-in supply of glutathione, an antioxidant that both protects DNA and helps recycle estrogen, which protects skin cells. It also inhibits certain enzymes in ways that give cells time to divide normally," explains Los Angeles dermatologist Howard Murad, MD, who has been putting pomegranate extract in his line of skin care products for nearly 20 years.

The ancient Greeks believed that eating this "apple of many seeds" might lead to immortality. And, hey, anything that keeps skin cells plump a little longer, maintains a healthier heart, and holds promise for preventing cancer has got to be good, right?