Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Victory in Austin! And a Big Test Coming Soon

I am happy to report that Ben Taylor has told me within the last hour that they had their greatest success so far - when he opened the hearing by refusing to accept jurisdiction, continue with the proceedings or be forced or intimidated into signing any contract that established jurisdiction. Instead of throwing Mr. Taylor in jail for contempt, as some expected, the judge set aside all the Attorney General motions and set a hearing on jurisdiction in three weeks.

The issue of jurisdiction seems to have be causing no small amount of consternation for the State. Taylor and his co-defendant Al Adask* contend that the State is trying to claim jurisdiction in a court operating under the color of law and under a for profit corporate STATE OF TEXAS entity but not according to the US or Texas constittutions and in violation of his God given and unalienable rights - and that no citizen is required to submit to such courts unless they consent to do so.

Some observers believe that the consternation stems from the fact that Taylor is right, but that such color of law courts have operated for so long and that people unknowingly submit to jurisdiction by signing agreements or otherwise consenting to hearings, which in effect becomes a binding contract that gives the corporate color of laws jurisdiction.

This promises to be interesting. Should the State assert jurisdiction, or I should say STATE (all capital letters indicate the corporate color of law and not constitutional entities) assert jurisdiction then the 1st Amendment guarantee of freedom of commercial speech and 5th amendment rights will surely come into play.

Stay tuned - this promises to be interesting to say the least - and we all need to be ready to show our support, because in the end these issues are vital to us all.

Mr. Taylor also reported that he and Mr. Adask were featured on a one hour broadcast on We The People Radio network this evening.

*The co-defendent, Al Adask, is a friend of Mr. Taylor's and is on the corporate board of Utopia Silver. Mr. Adask formerly published the AntiShyster magazine, until he and his magazine were silenced when he was whisked off to Missouri and locked away in a county jail for a year without charges being filed. When he was finally released, he returned to find his computer, other equipment and all mailing lists missing. He has since filed charges and will almost assuredly win, but the Sheriffs office in Missouri will likely take the fall for those whom many feel were behind the silencing of Mr. Adask

For a more detailed look at the colorful Mr. Adask, google "Al Adask". As you will find, he is fairly well known in the circles of those opposed to corruption and in favor of individual rights.

More to follow as it happens.

Tony Isaacs

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